You start like just making up these talents and then putting faces to them and you think, “well, that’s it” but nooo suddenly they have personalities and places where they come from and reasons for murder and executions, it just comes outta nowhere. ANYWAY this is them in my style since these are just sketches and nobody cares anyway yay! :D

SHSL Luck: Sorja Helbreg - Norway 
Lukas Waltschtein - Luxembourg
SHSL Critic:
Brandy Rider - North Dakota
SHSL Bodyguard:
Flora Ridder - Capetown
SHSL Ballet Dancer:
Romana Volkova - Belarus
SHSL Protester:
Trisha Adalechi - New York
SHSL Host:
Nagisa Fujiwara - Japan
SHSL Butler:
Jingfei Luó - China
SHSL Sculpter:
Venti Verano (artist name) - Italy
SHSL Cat Whisperer:
Gustav Wingley - Wales
SHSL Babysitter:
Aedan Fitzpatrick - Ireland
SHSL Child Star:
Pablo Fuego (fake name) - Spain
SHSL Duchess:
Belladonna El Saira - Egypt
SHSL Racer:
Daria Wood - Kentucky
SHSL Lyricist:
Isabella Jesus Martinez - Brazil
SHSL Utaite [internet singer]:
Jun-Seo Mun - South-Korea

I wrote their talents in what I thought would be their signatures har har

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